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Music Consultant & Conducting Supervisor ¦ Coach to Ms Blanchett
Natalie Murray Beale  TÁR MOVIE 

natalie murray beale image by hana knížová  (2).tif

'...the vérité performance of the London Symphony Orchestra and conductor Natalie Murray Beale is refreshingly organic, briskly paced and replete with outtakes.'  WRTI

TÁR concept album:  Sophie Kauer plays excerpts from  Elgar's Cello Concerto conducted by Natalie Murray Beale with the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios, London

"the excellent conductor Natalie Murray Beale"  THE TELEGRAPH

"expertly conducted as it was by Natalie Murray Beale."  FINANCIAL TIMES

"Natalie Murray Beale's conducting ensures that the drama packs a punch"  THE GUARDIAN

"their music, under Natalie Murray Beale, hit expressive ground: anger, intercession, meditation, even wry humour"  THE TIMES 

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