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"expertly conducted as it was by Natalie Murray Beale."

Richard Fairman FINANCIAL TIMES // October 29, 2020

"the excellent conductor Natalie Murray Beale"

John Allison THE TELEGRAPH // October 25, 2020

"their music, lithely dispatched under Natalie Murray Beale, hit expressive ground: anger, intercession, meditation, even wry humour."

Neil Fisher THE TIMES // October 25, 2020

"...under Natalie Murray Beale the orchestra created a kaleidoscope of acoustic and electronic colours"

Alexandra Coghlan, i // October 26, 2020

"A breath of humanity is in the hands of Natalie Murray, fine, memorable, intuitive, delicate and firm, directing Symphony No.41 by Mozart."

Gustavo Tatis Guerra El UNIVERS Colombia // January 6, 2019

“In this performance the whole was controlled expertly by the conductor Natalie Murray Beale." 

Nicholas Routley AUSTRALIAN STAGE // 6 April, 2019

"It's a complex work, but Natalie Murray Beale's conducting was astonishingly assured and controlled. It'd be an excellent idea to bring her back for some more Adams operas in the future - her level of expertise isn't easy to find."

Paul Ballam Cross LIMELIGHT MAGAZINE Australia // April 3, 2019

"The orchestra dazzled under the baton of Natalie Murray Beale"

 John Beckett  UK // May, 2018

"Natalie Murray Beale conducted a superb chamber orchestra."

Alan Fitter LONDON THEATRE 1 UK // May, 2018

"Music director/keyboardist Natalie Murray Beale, who really did seem to have everything perfectly in hand as she moved seamlessly from one genre to another."

THE OPERA TATLER U.S.A // 6 February, 2018

"And the Italian voices of the two lyric singers, with the musical direction of Natalie Murray Beale, were totally sublime."


Gilles G. Lamontagne Canada // 27 April, 2017

“Natalie is holding the complex happening in the pit together sovereignly.”


RHEINISCHE POST Germany // April, 2017

“Natalie Murray Beale has studied this with the Beethoven Orchestra blindingly and achieves a differentiated, frequently expressive, highly flexible reproduction.” 


CONCERTI Germany // May, 2017

“The Beethoven-Orchester Bonn under the musical direction of Natalie Murray Beale mastered the minimalist primed music of the 'postminimalists' - Adams over Adams - cum grano salis with commitment and feeling.”


O-TON-ONLINE Germany // April, 2017

“The Australian conductor Natalie Murray Beale directs the choir and the striking Beethoven orchestra sovereignly through the complex rhythms of the musically immensely rich score, influenced by the American minimal music.”



Also musically the performance is impressive. The Australian conductor Natalie Murray Beale not only conducted the choir and orchestra colourfully, but also the multifaceted style of the score.

FAZ Germany // March, 2017

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