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Natalie Murray Beale is a multi-skilled musician, conductor and advisor with a wealth of experience collaborating with Directors, Actors, and Musicians. With an incredible eye and ear, she has experience working in the planning, production and post-production stages of movie making. 
-Supervising On-Set music scenes
-Preparing actors conducting, piano and vocal coaching
-Collaborating with Composers and conducting sountrack 
-Hiring musicians 
- All your live music needs
- ensuring historically correct music content

Abbey Road Image by Mary McCartney.jpg

Todd Field   “Tár”   Variety

In a film where every scene feels like a cinematic or narrative high-wire act, Todd Field says his favorite in “Tár” was the first rehearsal scene with the orchestra. “The aesthetic intent behind the rehearsal scenes had to do with capturing process, the same way one might with a small two-camera documentary team following a real-life conductor in rehearsal,” Field tells Variety. “We had to plan every set-up weeks in advance with our conducting technical advisor, Natalie Murray Beale, to know precisely where the camera should be for a particular musical bar or phrase.” 

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